Our People

Our principals are creative, strategic thinkers with a wealth of their own life experiences and an aptitude for listening and learning. They are not narrow technicians or “trainees.” Each principal in our Private Client Group has significant knowledge and many years of experience in financial and business matters, as well as a demonstrated ability to apply judgment, creativity and wisdom to our clients’ personal, professional, and business affairs. All principals have advanced degrees and certifications in business, finance and/or law which are merely the by-product of the curiosity, intellect, and energy that keeps them engaged in and committed to lifelong learning.

Our client service and support team are an integral part of the U.S. Boston client experience. They support our principals and clients with their extraordinary skills, strong work ethic, attention to detail, and warm and caring manner. We consciously build our support team with the breadth of skills, depth of talent, and longevity of tenure to support and execute the individualized services we provide our clients.