Why U.S. Boston


We take the time to develop a deep and comprehensive understanding of our clients, their families, and their circumstances. Knowing their priorities, circumstances and aspirations – beyond merely the financial perspective - helps us to partner with them most effectively. Feeling understood and genuinely supported is what leads our clients to remain with our firm for decades, for their children to come into independence and also choose to partner with us. In today’s online world, such as this website, direct referrals from long time clients remains the most common way we are introduced to new clients.


Our clients benefit from our principals’ collective knowledge and wisdom gained from study and experience. Combining backgrounds in finance, accounting, business, law, financial planning, education, and charitable institutions, we are prepared to serve the individual needs of each client across all of life’s stages. And while investment management and wealth management expertise are the reasons many clients join us, we believe our clients remain with us for the course of their lifetimes because we help them better understand and manage the personal decisions they face in their lives, and in their families and businesses. In areas that require additional expertise, we introduce our clients to trusted specialists. We serve as a hub to ensure all decisions are well-integrated with each client’s unique strategic plan, and we provide resources, structure, and discipline for the implementation of decisions.


We choose to commit to a high level of personalized service for a select group of clients, rather than a modest level of service to many. Rather than deliver standard recommendations, we pursue in depth conversations during client meetings to guide customized solutions for each client’s financial objectives. When your goals and circumstances evolve, we work closely with you to modify your current plan, or to craft a new plan. We provide detailed review and planning letters following each meeting, documenting our mutual decisions and any follow-up items. This record of what was discussed provides structure and discipline, and ensuring that we are aligned in support of, and tracking actively, our clients’ long-term goals. Outside of regular review meetings, we stand ready to assist with any administrative functions necessary to manage financial assets and income and stay on top of any material changes in the financial world that may necessitate changes in our clients’ portfolios. We are always looking to save our clients time and to make managing their financial world as efficient – and effective – as possible. Our relationship with our clients is comprehensive, intimate, and long-lasting.


U.S. Boston Capital Corporation is independent and privately owned and has been since its inception in 1970. While we have working relationships with many major financial institutions and entities, we are not owned or managed by anyone but ourselves. This enables us to focus on the long-term stewardship of our business for our most important constituent – our clients. We are a small firm by choice. We believe in growth to maintain our vitality for the future – for ourselves and our clients – but we manage that growth carefully. We are large enough to be stable, profitable, and capable of negotiating for the appropriate services our clients need – but small enough to control the quality of our clients’ experiences. We have grown thoughtfully, as we believe that the combination of analytical ability, emotional intelligence, and character needed to provide the insight and wisdom our clients deserve is not easy to find. We will not compromise our level of service by diluting the experience.